Tuesday, 17 February 2015


24! =] [The number keeps growing!]
The Curse (:
After many a year, she realised it was simply a curse for everything she had ever wanted was unavailable to her. She was in no misery or pain; she was loved and happy but she could never quite put her hands on the things her heart desired the most. It was probably little things, silly things, like seeing the first dew on a beautiful flower or waking up to the smell of freshly grounded coffee. The little things her heart desired the most were never into her reach for some reasons. It was a curse she realised, a curse that needed to be broken. Alas, little did she know that not every curse needs to be broken, not every curse is truly a curse; sometimes curses are blessings in disguise and perhaps, not having what she desired most was truly a gift. Happiness should not be found in specfic things, happiness should be counted amongst the scattered pieces of dreams and wishes. The curse did not need to be broken,it  just needed to be  lived; it was after all, the curse of life!

Happy 24th ZOu =] [YES! I am still obsessed with my birthday!]


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