Tuesday, 17 February 2015


24! =] [The number keeps growing!]
The Curse (:
After many a year, she realised it was simply a curse for everything she had ever wanted was unavailable to her. She was in no misery or pain; she was loved and happy but she could never quite put her hands on the things her heart desired the most. It was probably little things, silly things, like seeing the first dew on a beautiful flower or waking up to the smell of freshly grounded coffee. The little things her heart desired the most were never into her reach for some reasons. It was a curse she realised, a curse that needed to be broken. Alas, little did she know that not every curse needs to be broken, not every curse is truly a curse; sometimes curses are blessings in disguise and perhaps, not having what she desired most was truly a gift. Happiness should not be found in specfic things, happiness should be counted amongst the scattered pieces of dreams and wishes. The curse did not need to be broken,it  just needed to be  lived; it was after all, the curse of life!

Happy 24th ZOu =] [YES! I am still obsessed with my birthday!]

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Happy Winter :)

"Not everyone you lose is a loss."
So much truth in this quote. Not every person "deserves" to be treated as a loss; while it is quite painful to part ways with a lot of people, it is on the other hand just a blessing, really. It's not necessary that every person we let go of/who let go of us be the cause for our tears or miseries. A lot of the time, cutting the chords with some people allow you to grow and develop; it allows you to become who you truly need to be at the end of your journey.
Some people you lose, were never even worth the trouble in the first place; they were not worthy of being part of your journey. So, don't worry if you lose people here and there, because most of the time it's not even a loss. Most of the time, losing a person along the way is the only solution to fulfilling your destiny.
True loss is when you look behind and you wish you were still there; true loss is when this person is taken from you because that's the way God works. Nothing else is a loss; everything that happens, happens for a reason; every person you lose for the right reasons, is a person you were meant to lose. You might not know it yet, but in the end it will all make sense.
Also, Happy December :D
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" is stuck in my head-so yeah, it's nearly Christ-freaking-mas, the most wonderful time of the year! *high*

Have a wonderful winter and December :3 Listening to this wintery song <3 nbsp="">

Here, if it's too much of a sad song, listen to this one!]

[Also don't judge me on the last one-I am clearly a 23 years old adult who has this huge crush on Liam Payne.]
ZOu x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Choose to be happy!

Life is short, grow up before you miss out on the things that matter. The things that are worth fighting for; the things that we are going to look back on and remember. Not everything or every bond last for ever; but everything and every one we meet leave a mark on us; a mark that we are going to carry with us for the rest of our lives. But why should we? Why should we carry with us the mark someone else left on our existence? Why should we let other people in to such an extent that they mark us for life?
Probably because we are humans, and we love other human beings-and love is the best thing we do. So, in all this madness, the confusion between love and hate; why don't we choose to just carry the best things we have with us on our journey of life? Why don't we choose the things that really matter-a smile that helped us make it through the day, a word of faith that made us believe again when we were lost, a smell that reminded us that everything about this life-no matter how big or small-is beautiful and it's worth the fight and the pain!
I realised pain occupies a lot more space in our lives than happiness, and even if some of us are able to hide it deep within our souls, it comes back from time to time to haunt us. Many decided to embrace the pain and let it lead the way. But the only wise thing to do is to let it come back from time to time; because whenever it comes back, it teaches you something new, it reminds you of how strong you are and it helps you make better decision.
So, don't embrace your pain, don't carry with you a mark that someone left on your soul; choose to carry only the things that matter and choose to be the bigger person, choose to grow up because life is short and you don't want to miss out on what really matters.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

The moments that made it to the 100th! :3

100th post:
Happy October/Autumn : Aka the most wonderful time of the year!
Leaves are falling and everything is very brown-orange-ish which is kind of nice :) Plus it's smelling-good memories mostly. This time of the year is always linked to this feeling that it's been a good life so far!
When you look back-there are only a few moments that stand out and they are totally worth it. I think this is what Life should be like-when you pause and remember-you should just remember the few moments that truly made you feel amazing and that remind you that happiness is what you make out of it. The moments that stand out for me are probably the bus ride to my Chemistry tuitions, the rainy Sunday mornings, the walk to Hung, the afternoons outside the classrooms on the bench, the anticipations at the bus station, the cray cray moments at our Math tuitions,the mess room,the bus ride with Pit & Heer, bunking lectures to go get high at Milky Lane, the birthday surprise, the pier, the wedding, the walk to Toof, Oxford circus, the late night stroll around London, the long long long breaks spent in empty lecture rooms/the lab, the train ride back home. If I were to get hit by a car-I am sure those are the stuff that would flash infront of my eyes just before I close them.

These are probably just stupid things, but they just stand out, mostly because those moments were spent with people I loved and are very very very good memories.
So yeah, you don't need to achieve the impossible to feel accomplished in your life-you just need to live it-with people who matter.  It doesn't matter who stays and who leaves-what really matters is what they left behind and how you felt when you were with them. 
Don't ever look back and miss people/days/moments-look back and be happy you had the opportunity to live and to be happy. Look back and thank God that you've had a great journey to date.
Plus here's a quote from last night's convo with Anii:
"Also, when you love someone-it's forever-you never stop loving them. And when you do-you forgive and forget all the wrong they do-because that's what love is all about. Finest example: Your parents. If you can't do that, then you do not love that person. It's as simple as that!"

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

"We Might as Well Be Strangers"

It's weird how most of the time, the people you think are the closest to you, are actually strangers. This is something that crosses almost everyone's mind, but why not? Why should another person not be a stranger to you? No one really knows themselves thoroughly, so why on earth do you think you should know a person better than the world just because they are close to you. If at one point, even you had issues with your identity, what gives you the right to believe you can be the judge of another person's life and thoughts?
The people who are "constant" are most of the time boring; if you are not boring, you are growing everyday, you are learning new things about the world, about you-you are changing everyday. So you are allowed to be a stranger to the world, you are allowed to be a stranger to the people who are close to you, because you are growing out of who you are every day, every hour, every minute.
Everyone around you is a stranger; you think you know a person by heart, and then you are hurt because that person acts or talks in a way you never knew they could. Don't feel betrayed; everyone is entitled to change; everyone can begin anew; everyone can become a stranger to you. People do not change; they grow out of who they were; they go through stuff; they learn; they see things in a new light. It's just the way it works.
P.S. Happy September :)
P.P.S. 99th post of 2014

Friday, 15 August 2014

Circumstances Vs People

Circumstances do not always change people. Most of the time people change people. People can change you-not who you are-no-no one can do that and you should never allow anyone [no matter how much they tell you they are changing you for the best] change who you truly are.  People can change the way you react, the way you behave and the way you should express yourself. Especially people who are close to you-people who are so close to you that they tend to walk all over you. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing[not for you atleast], it's a good thing-because when people "rain over your parade"-it gives you the chance to realise where you stand and who you should allow into your most private and intimate thoughts, ideas and dreams. When these types of people happen to you-you realise you can be a better person, you can be someone who stands on their own, you can never be told what to do, what to believe in and what to search for. 
These people happen for a reason-to help you understand the world better, to help you realise that [I found that on insta-great stuff] "they wanna see you do good, but never better than them. Remember that." So, if there is someone dictating your life-take a step back and look at your life-being controlled by someone else and realise that this is YOUR LIFE, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR GOALS-not theirs. And only you deserve to walk that path, only you deserve to lead the way-because no one gets you better than you do :)
Circumstances do not change people.
People change people.
Happy people makes you happy. Be around happy people. Be around merry people. And be around people who love you-unconditionally because they don't have any other choice than loving you-aka family, the right kind of family, the kind of family who brings out the best in you, the kind of family who points out the bad in you, the kind of family who have your back even when you turn your back on them, the kind of family who will never ever ever give up on you because you are theirs.
It's a wonderful time of the year btw [na, not Christmas yet], the perfect weather and the perfect life!
Banana =]

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Don't lose yourself into someone else!

there she goes, there she goes again...
I just started watching Gilmore Girls, ahh, very late to the party but i made it and it is kind of awesome.
you know how sometimes people find themselves again in the darkness they got lost in the first place? [yeah a bit of a Lucas Scott line here, I know]
well, it's a beautiful thing-finding yourself in the darkness you thought was never going to end, finding a purpose to your life, and not quite wasting your time around anymore-that's the kind of epiphany we all need. it might take years to happen, but it eventually does, and when it does, you realise countless things and how true people are really to you.
I have said it before, and I guess I should say it again-everyone related to you-no matter how close they are to you-everyone is selfish-and no one is completely and truly yours except yourself. So, never ever ever ever get so involved into someone else's life that you forget you have one too-a life. Because there will be moments-moments where you are lost and alone-those moments will be tempting to get involved into someone else's life-and you will give it your everything because you know nothing is working for you-it could be someone you fall in love with, someone you just met, an old friend, a new friend, a family member- you will lose yourself into that person's life and it won't make yours any better. Stay away from moments like these? Maybe yes and maybe no-because only when you've been through those moments that you are going to find yourself again and you are going to regret those moments-because you had already found yourself-only you were investing yourself into someone else-and that, my friend, is the worst thing ever! [This is probably not making sense-it sounded so much better in my head!]
The point is-never ever let yourself be so invested in someone else's life-simply because it ain't yours.
Selfish people live longer.
Be selfish-especially when you lose yourself. And don't let any one tell you what is right or wrong-because what could be wrong for someone could completely be right for you. Make your own decisions, don't hire somebody for that; keep believing in what you want, keep being how you are-no matter how horrible some people might think you are-this is you-and you look pretty good to me [and a lot of people!][this was a tad  cheesy but you got the point!]
Happy August. Please note that I am over my bitter-sweet love-hate story with August.